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Life-Size Cardboard Movie Standup - Seven Dwarfs

Life-Size Cardboard Movie Standup - Seven Dwarfs

Item # CJ4922

These classic cinematic characters are ideal guests at your next party, arresting when glimpsed through a window, and very cool just hanging out in a corner. Imagine the photo ops! Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. CJ3272 Han Solo (68"H X 29"W). CJ3302 Mr. Spock (71"H X 23"W). CJ3282 Three Stooges Golf (68"H X 50"W). CJ3292 Snow White (62"H X 27"W). CJ3262 Wicked Witch (52"H X 45"W). All others approximately range between 68"H X 50"W.

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